Friday, February 24, 2012

frogs and fun on friday

trash day

marit and graham met this friendly frog when we visited a local interpretive center with friends. squeamish they are not. today was a rainy, off day for daddy so we used some coupons to hit up a children's museum in a nearby city. the kids LOVED it...


pumping gas


grocery shopping

climbing his spinal column

40 ft tall body exhibit (the favorite part) who wouldn't want to bounce on an enormous stomach, climb through a heart, slide down intestine?

Monday, February 20, 2012

for kel

this is no decorating/home blog, but goodness housekeeping does consume a good bit of my time. we have been doing a little reorganizing/redecorating/repurposing/rearranging around here...adam has the home-improvement bug and there are always projects going to keep this 110yr old house standing and more and more suited to our life and needs. we went to ikea this weekend by ourselves...thanks to the team of folks (laurie, krissy, dave and carol) who made it possible for us to go kid-free! kelly asked me to post some photos so here you go!

here is our dining room before we painted and with our old table at Christmas time. adam's parents gave us this table from adam's childhood when we got married and it has served us well...just starting to get crowded when we have people over, which we love to do! red is one of my favorite decorating colors, but for some reason i started to feel overwhelmed by it in we painted. reason ikea furniture is so much more pick up and assemble yourself

without the leaves-new table, paint, curtains

with the leaves in...we look forward to all the mouths of family and friends we will feed around this table.

hung some pictures on the wall finally

here is my photo of the week of the kiddos playing their new favorite game using nearly all the chairs, stuffed animals, and books we own for their train ride...miles is less than pleased with his role

thanks for the tulips sweet rikki!

our old table repurposed for craft/school table for shelf in the playroom for toys, craft/school supplies

this is the only picture i could find of my disaster of a baking supplies area in the mudroom. graham is so little! we got a new shelf and my organized-purger-husband-on a mission came through and look!

goodbye open shelves...hello shelf with doors. *deep sigh*

adam is off this week...hip hip hooray so i'm sure he has some more projects up his to enjoy the fam!

Friday, February 10, 2012

weekly photo(s): watching the egret hunt

miles thinks he is such big stuff these days...

Saturday, February 4, 2012

weekly photo: maximum capacity

i'm going to attempt to post at least one picture of each or all of the kiddos on here each week. i rarely actually keep up with "schedules", but at least it will keep me taking pictures a little more. this is from our walk today...marit and graham usually take turns walking, but by the end everyone was tired and crammed in our wonderful stroller!

Friday, February 3, 2012

highs in the 60s in feb?

i'll take it! we'll take it and take ourselves on an afternoon hike. what is amazing is that adam had the afternoon off and we remembered our camera! even more amazing is that we also managed a lunch date first thanks to our sweet neighbor. whew...this day has been good for our souls. i'm so thankful for my husband and for creation to point me to Jesus. i have not been very good at documenting these rapidly growing people lately, so here are some photos from our nature walk today...
collecting treasures

silos that seem like they should be in LOST

having fun and wanting the camera

spanish moss reminds us of papa's beard

girlie loves to run...maybe she will join me someday on early morning runs like i used to do with my mom...

graham stopped at every bench and said "i found a bench so we can rest!" like he had put them there just for us

thankfully we remembered to empty graham's pockets before throwing his pants in the washer...such a common occurrence to open the drier to find rocks, snails, blocks, acorns etc...he is a collector:) once i saw him put an earthworm in his pocket...thankfully that did not make it to the wash.

on the way home

Thursday, February 2, 2012

on trains

my brother and sis-in-law took advantage of all their india train riding to make this cool video for my train-obsessed nephew. and really, what little boy isn't train-obsessed. i think it's pretty neato myself...