Wednesday, July 29, 2009

introducing: nameless doggie!

sorry the last one is blurry.

mr darcey

after much discussion, deliberation, and research, we finally decided to get a golden retriever. we wanted a family dog that would not mind kids crawling all over him and we wanted to be able run with him sometimes (the limiting factor for danes). so far, this little guy has been a delight...follows me around wherever i go and sleeps at or on my feet. marit adores him and tells him he is a "cute doggie." i think he will fit in nicely. he is 10wks old and slept through the night with no problems and has not had an accident inside yet. we just can't agree on a name. suggestions are welcome!


marit's that is. we had her pediatric ortho appointment this morning. if you didn't know, sweet snuggles has hip dysplasia that has MUCH IMPROVED praise God, but we still see the orthopedist regularly. her x-ray looked beautiful today and she held so still while they "took a picture." the doc was very happy with how her little femoral heads are angled in her hip sockets and we are so thankful! being the conservative doc he is, he did encourage us to still let marit sleep in her brace (it has been 20 months of brace life now) for as long as possible. sometimes dysplasia can creep back up in children prone to it. so we are planning to give her a few days break and see if we can clear up this heat rash it has caused and then keep pressing on with brace-wearing. she is such a trooper! he did say that he thought "we have won this battle" which almost made me cry. she told dr b "tink you" and we headed home.

in other news, we have the sweetest little golden retriever puppy in our family now. he has been a lot of fun and fairly easy thus far. i will post a proper intro with a picture when we figure out what to name him...

Friday, July 24, 2009

just 5 between them

I took the kiddos to the pediatrician for their 9 month and 2 year check-ups and these are the recent stats:
marit is 25lb and 33 inches long...keeping her in the 25ish percentile

graham is 20lb and 28inches long...keeping him in the 50-75th percentile

they both did so well with a very long wait (thanks to lots of cheerios and silly games and toys) and we managed to evade any vaccinations this time. hooray for a no-stick doctor's visit!

we are currently hosting my brother and his sweet family for a couple weeks while he does research here. we are having a blast, but the blogging may be a bit spotty for a bit. we are also keeping our eyes peeled for the right dog for our family...more to come on that as well.

Monday, July 20, 2009

happy birthday to our sweet girl!

marit is a delight to us and we thank God for her sweet life.

it was hard to pick the right photos for this post because we have SO many of her beautiful blue eyes, pink cheeks, and blond hair.

she is now speaking in sentences mostly and loves to play outside. soon we will begin potty-training and pacifier untraining.

she loves little graham and gives him kisses and tries to make him laugh whenever possible.

i can hardly believe two years is here already.
she is truly a snuggle bug so we call her "snuggles."

one of the sweetest things about this stage is marit learning to care for others. though sometimes it is just a stalling technique, marit loves to pray for all the friends and family she can think of and sometimes that includes her bear, bunny, and doll. she loves to pray and if we forget she does not hesitate to remind us. our prayer for her is that she would know Jesus and the love and joy that are found in Him before she knows success, health, those things do fade.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

regarding 1peter 4:19

Therefore let those who suffer according to God's will entrust their souls to a faithful Creator while doing good.

"Believers suffer in accord with the will of God, for he rules over everything that happens to them. As the sovereign Creator, God is also loving and faithful, therefore they should entrust their lives entirely to him, just as Jesus did when he suffered. Such trust manifests itself in doing what is good." esv study Bible

i love that the Gospel does not explain away suffering, but validates it and gives it purpose instead. yes this world is filled with it, yes God is still in control of the universe...otherwise there would be no purpose or comfort here or in eternity. i hope God will remind me of His faithfulness and goodness amidst suffering that is sure to come one day. did i mention that i also love the esv study Bible?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

johnny jump-up: fun for the whole family

don't worry, marit and graham weigh about the same. marit missed out on this when she was the appropriate age due to day-time brace wearing. she is making up for lost time!

product review: merona double layer shirts

i haven't done any product reviews lately, but as i have revamped my wardrobe after being pregnant for two summers straight, i came across these fabulous shirts at target. i love them because they are soft, double layered in the front to add modesty, long enough to cover my whole torso, and they are on sale for $8 right now( normally $9.99). they come in a variety of bright or neutral colors and vary from ballet neck, gathered scoop neck, v-neck, short sleeve and sleeveless. they are really great! check them out if you need some cheap wardrobe help.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

my parent's four beautiful grandchildren

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"there's no crying in baseball!"

i'm trying to continually imagine tom hanks yelling this at me except substituting the word "baseball" for "residency" or "intern-year." though i do whine occasionally on here, i am resolving to keep it to a minimum. discontentment can easily rise up in any season of life because on this side of the jordan, frustrations and broken-ness abound. and broken-ness is not just around me, but also in me and so my tendency (and probably yours too) is to want what i do not have, to seek satisfaction and joy things and circumstances other than Christ. we knew residency was going to be hard and so we are not surprised that the first two weeks have been a bludgeoning of sorts. just try to imagine me speaking/writing with an optimistic overtone because i can't help but talk about it...affects most things right now. it is going to look like 80-90 hours of work for adam most weeks and pretty stressful work at that. it is going to look like me figuring out how to do a lot of things on my own with both kids...many events, exercise (can't do anything that i can't do with a jogging stroller), travel, repairs around the house (i think i might try to paint the kitchen after the kids go to bed some night this week), pretty much all the care of munchkin a and b day and many nights. i am not complaining. promise. but do pray for us, for our marriage, for our family. pray for grace to abound...we are both tired when we are finally together and it is easy at those times to be over-sensitive, critical, and tense. i struggle not to worry about becoming "disconnected" and often my cloud of worry can steal the little time we do have together. the gracious thing about residency is that it changes every month...even if the next month is still hard, it might be different hard. we were able to squeeze in a desperately needed date this weeekend (thanks dave and carol!) and a small birthday party for marit next weekend on adam's post-call day (hope he can stay awake for it:)). anyway, that's all, by the grace of God i resolve not to whine...ok? help keep me accountable?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

farewell molly

well, we are once again petless. we have not been in this state since july of 2004. while the kids and i were out of town with my parents to allow adam time to adjust to residency, our wonderful and nearly perfect kitty molly was hit by a car. this is sad on a number of levels...marit loved her and molly and marit followed each other around and snuggled together (marit earned molly's affections with many cat treats). also, molly was seriously the most low-maintenance pet i have ever had. she house trained herself once we moved to a place with a yard. she really did not have any vices, except the occasional howl for a treat. she will be missed for sure. i know the best way to get over the loss of a pet is to get another one soon after (we lost many pets in my childhood). we just are not sure what we want to do...two kittens? a dog? no pets for a while?