Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Velvet Playful, our newest family member. this is marit's long-awaited bday gift from us. he is a friendly little guy. marit also lost another front tooth last night, so she has the cutest lisp. she kept coming out of her room to say things like "he ith tho thoft" or "i can't thleep becauth he keepth kicking paper out of hith cage" etc.

Monday, July 28, 2014

more mountains

i know my sibs will want to see the place we grew up visiting, so here are more pictures from the weekend. thanks mom and dad!
thanks for all the baby-holdin' mom



a very favorite view

wasp sting swelling

north or be eaten-andrew peterson's books have been a hit

lunch date...thanks again mom and dad!

my handsome dates

butterflies everywhere

hiking with 2nd cousins

8,7,6,5,4,3 yr olds

more wingfeather reading

sliding rock

we just returned from a few days in the mountains with my parents, staying in the house where my grandparents lived for so long. one day we went to sliding rock. oh my! so cold! so fun! the kids were so brave and loved it, while i was very grateful to have the baby excuse to stay dry. my dad was quite the adventure grandpa as well. on the way back, we saw my dad's childhood home.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

bday adventures

marit's requests for her birthday with the family involved swimming in the river, eating monkey bread and hamburgers. it was a lovely day and though i complain about adam's weird schedule, i'm so grateful that his frequent evening shifts enable us to adventure (adventures are a lot of work sometimes, but we have learned that we just have to do it and we are usually so glad for the memories and laughter, even if we are loading 3 or more bikes and a stroller in/on the car constantly!) together during the day sometimes. i'm thankful for these sweet days with these small people, taking joy in the simple.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


our firstborn is seven! for my own sentimental sake i have put a random picture from each of the last seven years in addition to several from this year. we thank God for this precious girl who is so full of joy and cheer, even as she grows in compassion and tenderheartedness. she loves all things small and delicate and is always very busy and fast. she loves to be girly, but can hold her own when wrestling with her brothers. what a privilege to be this sweetie pie's mommy. Oh Jesus, protect and keep this precious one near to you that she may be beautiful for Christ's sake and bring glory to your name.

on saturday, my parents came and helped us with a little party of slip-n-slide and painting. it was a sweet time to celebrate a sweet girl.
this is lief the leaf hopper who she spent an entire afternoon rehabbing after discovering him half crushed in the carport.  he died that evening, but we were all glad he was loved in his final hours:)







2007.  she looks so much like owen to me here
now for lately...

actually such a big help with owen

a good reader, though i'm still waiting til she holes herself up in her room with a good book

Bma supervising the fan painting

beautiful creations

i love the hole in her smile!
she likes to help in the kitchen, mostly so we can chat...i'm working on being fully mentally present for all these sweet conversations

owie loves papa

thanks guys for your help and visit!