Tuesday, September 23, 2014

beach 2014: around the house

boys watching the fish jump

b-ma brought books!

wingfeather with uncle tom

painting to the rescue on a rainy morning.  thanks b-ma!

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the babies

miles and eliza painted piles of pictures and then spent the rest of the week trying to decide whose was whose

a beautiful double rainbow on our final evening

thanks for the lovely time family!  we are grateful for you.

beach 2014: surf and sand

loving the waves

my man turned 35 last week!

grateful for a bit of shade

sweet boy was great on his first beach trip

baby blowfish

these girlies-marit may not have sisters, but boy did her heart benefit from these sweet cousins!

endless ideas and pretend games among these cousins

we enjoyed our little kidless bike ride on the tandem...thanks mom and dad!

the castle with multiple moats

thanks also for our first run alone in 3 years

beach 2014: the fishing