Monday, March 31, 2014

a wedding!

it's been a busy week. marit and graham were asked by my sweet friend laurie to be in her wedding with the understanding that if owen came, it might be impossible. we were so thankful the timing worked out just right and my parents even enabled me to make it for the ceremony. we are so excited for laurie and johnny and all the Lord will do in them through the gift of marriage. the kiddos were so brave and walked down the aisle holding hands. graham looked scared and could not stop tossing his antique china ring plate in the air like it was a hot potato. oh my...what a relief when they sat down with us after the giving of the bride.

Sunday, March 30, 2014


our sweet new boy has arrived. we are humbled and grateful for God's care and grace in the gift of this new life and for the love and shared joy from dear friends and family. we became a family of 6 on tuesday, just about 12 days early.

 i woke up with strong contractions around 3 am. i lay in bed timing them and thinking of the things on the day's agenda: family presentation at our co-op, appraisal of our house (we are expecting to close on april 17th...more on that later maybe), job interview for adam, deacon's meeting for him, backup call that actually did try to make him work hours after i gave birth. when adam's parents arrived, we headed into the hospital around 7 and the parking officer refused to let us park close because adam's car was registered in another deck...even a laboring woman would not allow for some flexibility. when we finally got to l and d i was 6 cm and we started the antibiotics we needed. we had plenty of time as i dilated 1 cm every 2-3 hrs, which was great because my doctor was able to finish her OR cases and deliver our guy, i got both doses of antibiotics (i was worried there would not be time as was the case with miles), and there was time for an epidural. that thing worked great until the end when baby descended from -2 to +2 in what seemed to be one 15 minute contraction. wowsers, that part was intense. then there were two contractions of pushing and he was here!

there was lots of vernix, a vigorous cry right away, skin to skin time, and 40 minutes of nursing.

owen thomas is his name...the thomas for my maternal grandfather, adam's maternal grandfather, a family name on my dad's side, and my fantastic brother tom. the owen part is sort of for the puritan theologian john owen, but also just because we liked it. it means "fighter" and we pray that he will indeed fight for all that is good and true, defending the cause of Christ and those in this world who are vulnerable.

 he weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and is 21 inches long, making him the smallest boy, but still bigger than marit. the kids are over the moon for their new brother and graham could sit and hold him for ages. everything seems loud and crazy and a little foggy. nights will be rough for a bit yet and packing will begin in earnest when i feel physically able. there are many moments that i have to deep breathe, remember God's provision and love, and turn my panicky thoughts over to Him. here are way more pictures than necessary of the last 5 days and i need to go because sweet O just peed out of his diaper all over my pants...still sound asleep though.
just a few days before

golden hair and dark eyes.  i can't believe he isn't bald!
i think this is before

hello sweet one

miles is so serious

lots of reading with papa this week...his favorite chidhood book

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

silly faces

we've been testing out our new camera with some fun faces.  our old one was dropped too many times to be reliable for little guy when he arrives...2 weeks give or take until we meet him!
in other news, we are probably moving shortly after he comes so transition will be the name of our game for a while.