Friday, April 27, 2012

yesterday was the first sprinkler day of the season. i knew that system was installed for a reason! tomorrow marks the end of adam's final intense month (goodbye ccu and nights for a good while) of residency numero uno. so the blog will probably quiet down for a bit while he is around more in the next couple months (esp at night...i usually blog things when i'm lonely).
we are thankful! we are looking so forward to visiting my sister in chicago next weekend...just me and dr honey bunny, a much needed catch-up with charlotte and jeremiah and time away with adam. what marriage could not benefit from a little tlc?
at the end of yesterday, graham sustained his first rough-play-injury-requiring-medical-attention. wrestling match with daddy resulted in landing on a toy and a busted eyebrow. there was a lot of blood, but he is a trooper. if you would like the full story, just ask marit. she loves to tell all the details about how mommy ran to get a rag for the blood and how graham cried white and red tears. thankfully, the glue held the skin together so no stitches were needed. now we will have matching eyes and matching eyebrow scars. i have fully forgiven my brother for slamming my face into the corner of the wall as a very irritating little tyke, but i will never be able to forget it since there is a scar right there above my eyebrow. love you abe.  

random thought: not sure if there are any feminists who read this blog, but i am contemplating posting my notes from a recent women's event at our church that was decidedly counter-culture. i was so challenged and encouraged by 'Relationships:Investing in the Kingdom' and this time it was about men-women relationships. however, this old blog is not a place for debating controversial things like women being created for men, so i'm hesitating. any thoughts?

Thursday, April 26, 2012

spring 2012 zoo trip

we enjoyed adam's day off last week at the zoo...lovely weather and sweet time as a family was so so refreshing. happy train face
marit's favorite part
fell asleep as we left the zoo
and the drive home was quiet

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

a good problem

these are the books i am "reading" right now, as in i've started and have yet to finish since Christmas and another in the mail today!). my sister gave me the whole anne of green gables series for Christmas and it has been since middle school that i have journeyed through those treasures. it has sort of halted the rest of my reading list...especially now that i am in book 6 and anne is such a sweet mama to her six wild and imaginative children. well, i've almost finished the one on the bottom for our bible study this quarter. i highly recommend it if you are looking for a Biblical femininity/relating to men in a Christ honoring way sort of read. these others in the pile are so good too, though i will give a more informed recommendation as i wade through them. i have problem, but it's the good kind i guess...

Monday, April 23, 2012

new running shoes

adam and i have been giving minimalist running shoes a whirl over here. i have been dealing with runner's knee off and on for the last year or so and that along with a few friends and family members who have improved their form and really like them (plus a decent coupon!) motivated me to give it a try. the idea of having form that helps the body absorb the impact in the healthiest way makes sense to me. i heard somewhere that every time we strike the ground, the joints absorb 7 times our body weight in force. not sure if i worded that exactly right, but if that is true, i'm beginning to wonder how much difference an inch or so of rubber can really make. i have been trying to strike the ground on my mid and forefoot instead of with my heel and i have had less pain in the last few weeks than i have in months. the jury is certainly still out for us since i'm just finishing my first month running in mine. transitioning slowly is important as my calves have to adjust to striking the ground differently. and also, i'm glad there are some other options besides the weird-looking gorilla vibram five fingers, even if tom and adam love them. i don't think we can call ourselves barefoot runners, but it is funny to hear runners discuss such things. this website is very helpful. here is a video on good form, which i think is very clear and scientific. and then one to make fun of us all and our bandwagons...

sweet cousins

last week we enjoyed a quick visit from my wonderful brother, sis-in-law, and kiddos. the visit was all the sweeter because they are getting ready to move to New England for Tom's first job as a professor. we are super excited for their adventures, but will miss them being just a couple hours away. the kids enjoy each other more and more as they grow.

weekly photo

every once in a while everyone wakes up at the same time and the day gets started off right with some playful cuddling...

Saturday, April 21, 2012

on independence...

i don't know if it is a birth-order thing, a boy thing, or just personality. graham is thus far much more independent than marit is still. he just attempts to do all kinds of things by himself and i find myself rushing in..."noooo, wait! let me help! stop! let mama do it!" i suppose it is just the beginning of mothering sons and setting them free little by little to learn to do things on their own, lest i keep them babies forever. on my part, this process requires me to be patient, to stop rushing around like a crazy person, to gently give graham the heads up about what is next in our day so we don't spend 30 minutes trying to buckle the seat belt independently, stop and teach him things instead of the quicker way of doing it myself (i think he might get this independence from me...). i have to give up things being perfect and efficient all the time, deep breathe, pray for grace, and tell myself to "embrace the chaos" that are these little rapidly developing years. graham is the most "helpful" in the kitchen...he just loves to be in there with me and boy does it slow down (and significantly increase the mess) the process of whatever we are doing, but i know in a blink he will be all grown and i won't have his sweet company and eager helping hands while i make pancakes. so, for now, i'm thankful for the help of this future man.
and this is what the butter looks like after he spreads it himself
miles is following in his footsteps and LOVES to help with loading the dishes

Friday, April 13, 2012

yummy but messy

this is after miles' first attempt at eating a chewy granola bar. the chocolate melted because he pretty much just licked it like a lollipop for 20 minutes...

Thursday, April 12, 2012

sometimes on our runs

our route takes us by a chicken coop. we usually stop to feed, talk to, collect feathers, watch them. one brown hen is especially friendly.

yesterday, the farmer we have befriended had a surprise for us.

i love baby animals, and spring, and children, and the delight of babies giggling over babies.

and then at the very end, everyone gets out of the stroller to run, collect nature, and play. marit is very serious about the running part and sets and maintains a steady pace. her chattering does not cease though. i love those moments with you, precious daughter.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter morning 2012

we love gathering with our church family on Easter Sunday to celebrate our risen King.

with our favorite deacon...on duty today...

and then there was a request for a picnic on this glorious day. and how could i refuse this?

we enjoyed a delicious dinner with adam's parents (thanks guys!) this evening, but left our camera at their house so maybe more pictures later.