Sunday, April 8, 2012

visiting b-ma and papa

the kids and i took a trip to see my parents in my childhood home and town this past weekend while adam worked long hours here at home. it was such a fun trip!

rufous. aka rufous poofous aka best cat in the world. it should be noted that when i went to college, he was the thing i missed most about home (besides my parents and sis of course!) the kiddos loved chasing and cuddling this big teddy bear, but every time he meowed miles burst into tears...

the baby toads hatched at the little pond behind their house so marit and graham caught bunches

marit found the teeniest turtle i have ever seen

checking out the catch (some were released, many died)

marble works! we loved these when we were is so fun to see our kids play with the very same toys and enjoy the very same books that i thought were so great way back then.

looking at the birds nest

we ran a 5k on saturday to raise money for retinal research in honor of a sweet little boy in my parent's church. i'm proud to say that we all placed in our age-groups...proud of my 60 yr old parents running races!

their church provided inflatables for the swarms of children at this event. here graham and marit are having a "sibling affection" moment shortly after graham told marit "i'll protect you from the big boys mare mare."

miles loves slides lately, with or without a lap

blowing eggs with papa

dying eggs with b-ma

enjoying the driveway and collection of rideable vehicles

before miles took a nose-dive over that truck

we came home saturday afternoon so we could be together on Easter, but i'm so glad i went! traveling with the kids alone is starting to be more successful without rendering me a complete nervous wreck. thanks so much mom and dad for loving on all of us!


Kelly said...

So glad it was such a fun trip. Glad it is getting more manageable to travel with three... And you are my hero for running a race with the triple jogger :)

Kevin and Tara said...

how fun that your parents ran with you! it's probably just about time for Marit to ride her bike now :)

Charlotte said...

LOoks so fun. I miss that WR house. so many memories. Thanks for delivering that book to Mom too.