Monday, August 5, 2013

1st day of school

I was moaning to a veteran homeschooler at church yesterday about my lack of excitement about starting school this year. I've always struggled a bit with impending change. adam was wise to encourage me not to speak so negatively about something I know in my heart I love and want to do, but just isn't really always easy or fun. that's ok...most of life isn't always easy and fun. anyway, my prayers have been those of pleading for joy and a good start to our year. have I mentioned that marit cried for 4 hours on our first day last year? I cried too.  My attitude really affects how things go around here. I know this, so I prayed for God to work on my heart first. And he did! I'm so thankful that I woke up without the cloud of fear I have been feeling. On my run (oh joy...a grace to do that before we start)I found a beautiful dead emperor moth to use for our nature journal today...what a gift! and my veteran homeschool friend told me we should also go get donuts as a fun treat after school. so we did that too. it is a privilege to educate these sweet little people and i truly am thankful, even while we take it one year at a time and keep things pretty simple. just for funsies, here is our curriculum list:
saxon math
handwriting without tears
1st language lessons
classical conversations memory work
Bethany press nature readers
Vos Children's Bible
memoria press literature treasury (thanks lauren for the idea!)
story of the world
and probably many other little resources I have forgotten
my pre-k student is larger than my 1st grader

we thought a balloon might keep miles busy


"helping" organize the pencils

donut happy (how many kale smoothies to counteract this?)

school security

first nature journal entry of the year

semi-organized school cabinet (aren't those noonday cups cute?  they smell a little strange to drink out of, but make great pencil/brush holders)

emperor moth

Saturday, August 3, 2013

carolina, i love you still

we just returned from a wonderful several day trip to my late grandparent's mountain house. it is a place filled with memories and calm for me. it was such a joy to see this dear place loved and laughed in by my own children. dr honey bunny has had 2 days off in the last several weeks so he very much needed a change of pace. it took him a full 48 hours to start relaxing. there were hikes at nearby parks and down to the stream on the property, mommy-sons date, daddy-daughter date, husband-wife date (thanks to my sweet parents who met us there), a couple mountain runs,and a lot of creature catching and exploring. it felt like we were in the girl of the limberlost because there were butterflies everywhere floating in the trees...truly magical! there were some misadventures too: a black widow on the deck, a couple wasp stings, a fire in the oven, and some typical intense parenting moments (you can't vacation from those!).

one of our goals was to not be in a hurry, to have little agenda, to not rush the kids when they wanted to stop and examine something. I think this slower pace was realized and it was so sweet. we returned in time for adam's first job interview (for the day when residency is over) and real life resumes here as we make plans to start school and ponder more house projects. i'm so thankful for the precious family the Lord has given us and for the beauty of His creation that nourishes our souls.
can't go hiking without your net!

DuPont state park

we forgot how frightening small children near waterfalls can be

goof balls

blue-tailed skinks caught on the porch
graham helped us bushwhack down to the stream and found mr boxy the turtle 

baby toad is so "hoppy"!

patiently waiting for mr boxy to come out of his shell

nature expert

loved watching them tumble down the quiet gravel road with so much joy.  childhood is fleeting.

two of my dad's wonderful sisters came up to visit with us and they spent a little time working on allocating my Grandma's beautiful things.  they were so sweet with the kiddos too.  we love them!

they let marit have a little tea party with my grandma's real china.  this was very special for marit and I know my Grandma would have loved the delight the beautiful dishes brought her.
these things became miles' obsession.  here papa is not helping him go to bed:)

rainy-afternoon cardtable fort village (thanks b-ma for the idea!)

another beautiful spot-Jones gap

we love b-ma and papa!

papa had the idea to build a dam and adam turned into a little boy!

sewing with b-ma

lunch date with my honey.  lovely.

coffee/Bible/porch-sitting view

miles was tuckered out

mama black widow-yikes!

pretty wildflowers

bathtime hair is so fun!

how cute are they? she is working on a nyt crossword puzzle and he is tinkering with a light fixture.

 farewell for now favorite little spot.  we look forward to returning and making more memories with the next generation.