Tuesday, April 28, 2015

closing april

if you haven't yet, go buy sandra's new psalms album.  above is one of my favorites...i find it on my lips often these days.  singing scripture settles me in a mysterious (but not surprising) way. adam is closing out his icu month this week and it has been busy and long, but not as bad as i expected.

we wrapped up the school year with our co-op, soccer, violin concert.  we are plugging away and finishing up the rest of our school books and preparing for a gear change this summer.  in between the april showers, the weather has been so beautiful and we planted a little garden and water the flowers. i'm grateful for these slow days, home with my children.

rainy day nature video that lost miles' interest

unhappy baby in the laundry

causing all kinds of trouble at the concert!

last mother-daughter Bible study of the year
the evil rat snake who ate our wren eggs.  we actually saw him hanging from our geranium (miles spotted him), followed by a chase and lots of sobbing upon seeing an empty nest. nature can be so violent.

helping me free the crepe myrtles from crazy vines. g is usually a very willing yard helper.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Saturday, April 11, 2015


thanks to my friend Sarah, we ventured to a nearby farm for their shearing day and learned about farming and sheep. it was soooo fun for all (except owen who really wanted to crawl, but i couldn't bear to put him down to play in the manure and straw!). they even fed us an amazing lunch from the local farm goods and it was tasty! the field trip confirmed our suspicion that while we really enjoy farm animals and the idea of small-scale farming, the reality is a lot of really hard work that we probably aren't cut out to do well.
got to feed the lambs every 2-6 hours!

this lamb "hope" was a twin and had to be hand-fed for a while because mama sheep was not able to feed both.  she thinks she is a person and was so cuddly!

the shearer came from out of town and had lots of interesting things to tell us about the wool

love this sweet friend!

happy graham

learning to skirt the wool.  this lady is a fiber artist and knows all about spinning and such with all kinds of wool.

marit had a little lamb

old campground with cool treehouses

Thursday, April 9, 2015

cousin adventure

many of our friends are gone for spring break, daddy is crazy busy in the icu, so my sweet sister-in-law thought an adventure would be fun.  we found a state park halfway between our cities and met for several lovely hours of hiking, picnicking, creature-catching, playing and visiting.  i didn't tell the kids where we were going or who would be there.  they were so excited to see their beloved cousin-friends!

skink hunting

first time in the big boy pack.  he loved it and boy was i tired!

woodland baby

hard-earned Popsicles.  thanks Kel!

a beautiful time to be in the woods.  we loved this old barkless pine.

sweetest thing he's ever tasted!

Monday, April 6, 2015

spring in the yard etc

we heard him before we saw this pileated woodpecker

at the zoo with friends and miles tried the rockwall for the first time

she made it to the top!

"our" wrens laid eggs! how i love wondering over these everyday miracles with the kids.  they were so excited to tell adam about these eggs!

thank you grandma carol for my birthday bunny


i think this is the lizard that later bit miles.  i heard him crying in his room (why the lizard was inside i do not know!) and came to investigate.  "he's biting me mommy!" as i tried to help by taking the lizard out of his hands, he protested and cried harder.  he did not want to be bitten, but also did not want to let go.  my mom thought it a good metaphor for life.

loves to help wash dishes. yay!

"sshh, the wren is in her nest!"

we visited my grandparents in one long day trip and this is the only picture i have from a really sweet visit. i'm so grateful we had the chance to do it.

happy Easter!  before we rushed out the door to church.  we had a lovely quiet day afterward.

sweet lovie got his first homemade haircut.  he was looking a little shaggy.

much better!

marit likes to say she caught this "big mouth bass" though adam did with her rod:)