Wednesday, May 21, 2014

spring sports and song

marit and graham both played soccer this spring and finished the violin year. i had a moment of panic when i realized we were moving in addition to having a baby this spring about signing them up for all that....what was a thinking?! but it actually turned out great to have many evenings outside at the soccer field, chatting with friends while the kids had a blast getting exhausted. when you homeschool, extracurricular activities don't feel crazy busy, but rather a nice change from the casa.
graham was the youngest in his league and on a team with friends from church and he loved it so much, though it was quite a challenge for him to keep up with the big boys. marit was on a team of total strangers, but she made friends and they managed to win one game! girl soccer involves a lot more frolicking and skipping:)

the spring violin concert was so lovely...i'm thankful for their wonderful teacher and all the progress they have made this year. adam was not able to make it and owen was just a few weeks old, so we sat in the back and managed things from back there. maybe i will get it together to post some videos for my parents and sibs of the concert and their solo recitals. graham was sitting with his little pre-twinkle class and fell completely asleep in the pew during the concert. when it was his turn, he had to be reoriented about where he funny! owen was a champ and slept through the whole thing, while miles hung out with grandpa dave (thank you!).

Sunday, May 18, 2014

siblings and a smile!

it has been such a busy spring and there is so much i want to document. i feel like i'm drinking out of a fire hydrant. mayhem. abundance. mamas, go read this rachel jankovich's new book. it was a perfect nursing read for me in this whirlwind i find myself in lately and while trying not to drown. grace for the moment. whew! we are starting to find a rhythm, fighting spring colds (still!), settling into our house. and just looooving baby owen (or ohwee as miles calls him). i don't know if he is really the easiest baby i've had or if we are just to busy to worry about anything. he is so sweet and this week he started to smile. we finally caught one on camera. the big kids love to snuggle him with the ever present reminders not to cough on him or get all in his face with snotty noses and such. we are grateful.