Wednesday, November 13, 2013

on the baby

it is impossible to get a good photo, but we're having a boy! marit may need some consolation from her girlfriends, but she seems to be handling it much better than she did when miles was born (you know when she was in complete denial that he was not a girl named lucy). we are flooded with gratefulness for a healthy baby and pregnancy thus far. we praise the Author of life for this. bring on the crazy boy joy!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

more fall happenings

it has been a busy fall. adam has just entered a lighter month so i have time to make a couple posts, while they read LOTR. i'm so thankful. there have been field trips, fall hikes, haircuts, pumpkins, costumes, bike rides with no training wheels (so glad to be done with that triple jogger!). there have been encouraging moments and discouraging ones too, but thankfully the One who keeps us does not change and He is not surprised by our circumstances or our weaknesses. fall is my favorite season and i'm so thankful for the joy the kids have when they are outside exploring together. we were to camp this weekend, but we got rained out. perhaps we can still squeeze it in before it freezes this fall or before the baby comes in the spring. the baby is making little thumps and flutters and i'm so thankful for every single movement and sometimes find myself anxiously waiting for the next one. we find out boy or girl soon! the kids are always kissing my tummy and praying for this little one. miles tells people "my mommy got baby." simply put:) here are some photos of our recent everyday.
ready to kirk the tartans!

we homeschoolers love free educational a colonial reenactment

resting on a hike at the swamp


gathering sticks for our thankful tree (thanks ann voskamp)

goggles are necessary for pumpkin carving

bottle rockets at co-op.  so fun!

i have mixed feelings about his haircut that makes him look soooo old

practicing subtraction with each turtle that jumps off the log

you know he has a stick obsession these days

bikers make my runs faster!  so thankful for their growing independence and that we can all exercise together.

halloween/fall festival costumes.  pretty much the same as last year from our dress-up box

i have such mixed feelings about halloween with the unnecessary candy and scariness, but wanting to engage our neighbors. i'm sure we will have to reevaluate every year how and what we do.  for now, it is a lot of fun to dress up.

sweet birthday boys

lots has been happening around here. the boys had birthdays. i can't believe miles is 3 and graham is 5! here is a baby picture of each just for fun. They shared a birthday party and share a room, but they are very, very different.

Graham continues to be fascinated with creatures and sometimes requests to read field guides straight through, which makes me very sleepy! he is maturing in so many ways, expressing himself, learning to read, growing in athleticism. just a few days before his birthday, a neighbor taught marit how to ride her bike and she taught graham (thanks to papa for the important bike-repair so it was possible!). we have been hitting our favorite running spot and the big kids ride now and they are FAST. g is usually out ahead and just hoots and hollers the whole time, except for where we usually see deer when he commands silence from us all. he can go several miles without even seeming winded. oh i praise God for this son and pray his life would bring honor to the Lord as he grows and learns.

Miles is always keeping us laughing or sometimes pulling our hair out as they all do at this age. he is so so silly. he insists on hugs and kisses from every single family member when we split up for various activities. he is a joy and beginning to "help" me cook and inquires about all the ingredients. miles loves to build things, to figure things out, to make messes and clean them up! ha! he is our only semi-organized child. our prayers for him are those of gratefulness as well and that he would walk with God always.


 I'm not sure how long we will be able to share birthday parties, or even how long we will have friend parties at all, but for now it works.  we invited just a couple of their buddies and families to the creek, where they LOVE to go!  a fun time was had by all, though we did not anticipate how muddy everyone would get (sorry parents).  we should not be surprised i guess.  thankfully, it was a natural spring, so pretty "clean mud."  my sister-in-law even came with the cousins and they stayed for a couple nights and we continued the fun!

cupcake helper


oh my word.  we washed them off in the little waterfall

art project with aunt kel!

reading about planets.  we had plans to do school together that morning, but after art and a book, they just played and played and played.

our ambitious run with 6 kids!  craziness.

4 little bikers to keep up with...they actually did so great, but we were exhausted.

there are frogs in the creek!

she has her own little balance bike.

thanks kel for coming!  such fun!