Tuesday, January 27, 2015

my life is not exciting

but it is so rich with everyday moments of grace. "Lord help me be content, but not complacent" is my most common prayer.
part of owen's chubby baby photo session.  i love his squish

a little help from big bro to ride his car

watching the birds.  during the rain the other day we saw robins, red-wing blackbirds, blue jays, cardinals, gold finches, titmice, and a few squirrels.  free entertainment!

2 peas in a pod

blustery picnic

making his own eggs.  we failed at the flip daddy does so they ended up scrambled...miles says they were  "gooder" that way:)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

some everyday

it has been a rainy and cold January, which means our house is a wreck with all the forts and inside play. when the sun has been out, so have we! we need it! these children keep me busy and tired and i am grateful for this work the Lord has given me.  i've been thinking a lot about this precious mama as she nears the end of her life.  go read her book for a little perspective!  i'm thankful God has used her cancer to encourage so many to love those in our lives well...i like how she says to "open our hands to our story" and encourages to love without holding back and protecting ourselves...something to ponder as i do life with these people under my roof.
she has been reading the boxcar children (thanks Grandma for this Christmas gift!) and it is the first time she has really been hooked on reading.  hurray!
we took a chilly hike with a bunch of friends.  so fun!
oh my preciousness.  they look alike to me.
after 2 years of considering, we finally joined costco.  i mean, these kids eat SO MUCH food!  g is always on the lookout for good helmet boxes.  i wonder sometimes what the neighbors must think about the kids riding their horses (bikes) with boxes on their heads.
making a feather collector
we have been reading the burgess book of birds in the mornings lately with some of these resources.  graham said, "look! swallow's nests!" i love love burgess and so do the kiddos
i love his outfit
downy woodpecker
identifying animal prints
chubster is 22 lbs and still sweet as pie, though a terrible night-time sleeper.  i go back and forth about whether i care about that or not.  i do treasure the baby stage so this time around.
i joined a book club, so mar and i spent part of saturday afternoon like this.  so. sweet.
sponge curlers are the thing these days
the box sled
life is thrilling

Friday, January 16, 2015

Friday, January 9, 2015

i broke our camera on Christmas eve. we had a warranty on it for the kids, but clumsy mama was the culprit this time. here are a few memories from the season. graham's eye saga laid us pretty low for a while. it was hard to leave the house. In God's kindness, it looks like his eye will be just fine. his vision was nearly 20/20 at his last appointment. we are so grateful for this grace!

we had a few violin concerts. i love that at christmas, the suzuki group plays at nursing homes. the joy on the faces of the listeners was truly special. it really was beautiful. marit sang in our church's lessons and carols service. here's to hoping that once owen is weaned, we can do these things together!

we did leave town for a couple days with part of my family, but no camera.  it was a lovely time in the mountains at my Grandma's house where my parents have been working so hard.
got an idea from a friend to paint the progress of a camellia flower

we find these kinds of notes everywhere. this girl is sweet!