Thursday, June 18, 2015


This is my first effort at getting pictures off my new smartphone (i know, i know, total sellouts) to the bloggy. i do like to document our adventures on occasion. my brother and his precious family along with some of their friends took a trip to a state park. they camped because they are awesome and brave with littles, while we stayed in a camper cabin (think tiny house). it was truly sweet time. we went to the beach one day, but did not take any pictures because adam was afraid of getting sand in our phones....
cousins in the cabin

these two loooove each other

who says you can't have fancy coffee when you camp?

so many breezy hikes

shoe of choice

a known birdwatching spot and we saw so many neat ones...this is my favorite, the painted bunting!

the extent of our accommodations...simple and just enough