Friday, October 31, 2014

costume cute

we got a slow start this morning as we dug around for costumes. i'll probably forget to take pictures later, so snapped a few this morning.
third little dragon we've had..good thing it's cold today!

a good picture of everyone is impossible

his third year being a skunk.  i just love this costume.  it jiggles when he walks.

threw together a little pirate outfit..podo helmer?

speaking of tricks...a little break from school

Thursday, October 30, 2014


miles has been sleeping on the top bunk lately.  we found him like this last night, sound asleep and twitching.

i came home from my run to find adam being "forced" to read before miles woke up.  the kids are so into the warden and the wolf-king

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

some days

when the weather is gorgeous, school is at a good stopping place, the baby is between naps and feedings, and daddy is off after a stretch of nights, you might just strike out for pe/picnic lunch/nature study/family adventure! if you happen to bring the camera and take pictures, you post them here so you can remember these sweet days that are so quickly passing.

it feels good to be a single stroller family!

we live 5 minutes from the trailhead now!

mud turtle

pumpkin carving

equals daddies carve and mamas hold babies

for her ragdoll

we have been reading little house in the big woods for marit's literature study lately. on friday, mar begged and begged to make a ragdoll like laura's. our curriculum suggested a sock and a ball for materials. while we were thinking of what to make her mouth out of, graham comes around the corner with a detached lizard tail (failed capture, you know) and asks" hey marit, want to use some lizard blood for her red lips?". as expected, she declined this kind offer. you really can't make this stuff up.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

we have been enjoying some amazing weather and we wrapped up soccer.
she wanted to make a rag doll like laura ingles
loving his bday gift
lazy sunday afternoon
the perspective is off in this photo, but sums up marit's season being a very short person on her team. they did make it to the final playoff game (and lost) so that was fun.

sleeper babies

i'm feeling wordless lately, but am going to try to post pictures regularly for record-keeping and for the India family. they won't be near as amazing as my sister's photos, but our life is rather ordinary and i'm grateful for it. i ran across a sleeper picture and thought it was time for a new one. they are getting so big. sniff, sniff

Friday, October 24, 2014

costly creatures

"It is a merciful provision, my dears; for it takes three or four women to get each man into, through, and out of the world. You are costly creatures, boys; and it is well that mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters love their duty and do it so well, or you would perish off the face of the earth," said Mrs Jo, solemnly---from Jo's Boys by Louisa May Alcott i love it when i'm reading alone at night and something makes me burst out laughing. marit helping this little man with his earliest eating skills...what a lovely mess!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

graham is 6

to my first son: dear graham. i can't believe you are six! you are my only brown-eyed boy and in that way you resemble me. last night when you told me goodnight, i pulled you back as you jogged by for one last 5 yr old hug. you sat in my lap and i was reminded that you don't fit there very well anymore. you have grown tall and strong and loud. even your speaking voice carries better than anyone else in the family. you have a strong sense of justice and loyalty, gifts from your Creator. these gifts, dear son, can be used well or not. oh how i pray that you would one day (and even now) use them to honor the Lord. God has given you an incredible memory and a love for His creation. how you love to gather facts about all the creatures you happen upon. may this knowledge move you to worship the Author of life. you are different from your siblings in that you are patient, deliberate, independent (you can make a beautiful grilled cheese sandwich) and emotionally private. the mystery of what is going on inside your heart keeps me praying for you every day. you are the first of our children to need stitches and you did not shed a tear, even with only ice to numb it. amazing! you are owen's biggest fan and it astounds me how tender my boyish boy is with his baby brother. marit says her favorite thing about you is your generosity and she is probably thinking of the day not so long ago when we came home from a party with helium-filled balloons-one each. when we got out of the car, she promptly let go of hers and burst into tears at the loss. without hesitation, you ran up to her and gave her yours. she won't forget that sweet kindness for years to come. I hope and pray that your life is marked by sacrificial kindness. you are a precious gift to me and i thank God he entrusted you to us!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

butternut is 4

dear miles, today you are 4. you are the third baby in this loud and busy family. you fill the rare quiet moments with questions and a running commentary on the world that makes us laugh. for some reason, we call you butternut or buttercup or butteranything really. we also call you the family comedian. i know what it's like to be a middle child and so we try to be intentional with you. you are our helper for lots of the everyday tasks we do...many trips to the grocery store, you are my little date. you help in the kitchen and the yard. your imagination is active and you pretend with marit and graham and also tell us about real-to-you kids in the closet, bears in the woods, dinosaurs at large in the community. i think of 4 as the question age, but really you have been in this stage for a while already. you love baby owen and really have not seemed to mind giving up the baby role in the family. you are the youngest in the family to learn to ride your bike and i overestimated your skill recently and took you on a neighborhood ride where you promptly crashed going downhill. sweet boy cried all the way home with blood dripping out of your mouth. often after such injuries (not uncommon), you suddenly happy up and cry "i'm ok, just kidding!" you take so much joy in the simple things of life and i pray you never grow cynical and jaded. you love to sing and i pray all the hymns and scripture your little mind knows will sink into your heart too. may you know how dearly Jesus loves you, and your parents do too!