Tuesday, October 21, 2014

graham is 6

to my first son: dear graham. i can't believe you are six! you are my only brown-eyed boy and in that way you resemble me. last night when you told me goodnight, i pulled you back as you jogged by for one last 5 yr old hug. you sat in my lap and i was reminded that you don't fit there very well anymore. you have grown tall and strong and loud. even your speaking voice carries better than anyone else in the family. you have a strong sense of justice and loyalty, gifts from your Creator. these gifts, dear son, can be used well or not. oh how i pray that you would one day (and even now) use them to honor the Lord. God has given you an incredible memory and a love for His creation. how you love to gather facts about all the creatures you happen upon. may this knowledge move you to worship the Author of life. you are different from your siblings in that you are patient, deliberate, independent (you can make a beautiful grilled cheese sandwich) and emotionally private. the mystery of what is going on inside your heart keeps me praying for you every day. you are the first of our children to need stitches and you did not shed a tear, even with only ice to numb it. amazing! you are owen's biggest fan and it astounds me how tender my boyish boy is with his baby brother. marit says her favorite thing about you is your generosity and she is probably thinking of the day not so long ago when we came home from a party with helium-filled balloons-one each. when we got out of the car, she promptly let go of hers and burst into tears at the loss. without hesitation, you ran up to her and gave her yours. she won't forget that sweet kindness for years to come. I hope and pray that your life is marked by sacrificial kindness. you are a precious gift to me and i thank God he entrusted you to us!

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Kevin and Tara said...

Wasn't it just yesterday that they were all dressed up in their ridiculously cute animal costumes eating cupcakes on the basketball court at Heritage?! Another beautiful letter. Love to that brave, curious boy!