Friday, April 27, 2012

yesterday was the first sprinkler day of the season. i knew that system was installed for a reason! tomorrow marks the end of adam's final intense month (goodbye ccu and nights for a good while) of residency numero uno. so the blog will probably quiet down for a bit while he is around more in the next couple months (esp at night...i usually blog things when i'm lonely).
we are thankful! we are looking so forward to visiting my sister in chicago next weekend...just me and dr honey bunny, a much needed catch-up with charlotte and jeremiah and time away with adam. what marriage could not benefit from a little tlc?
at the end of yesterday, graham sustained his first rough-play-injury-requiring-medical-attention. wrestling match with daddy resulted in landing on a toy and a busted eyebrow. there was a lot of blood, but he is a trooper. if you would like the full story, just ask marit. she loves to tell all the details about how mommy ran to get a rag for the blood and how graham cried white and red tears. thankfully, the glue held the skin together so no stitches were needed. now we will have matching eyes and matching eyebrow scars. i have fully forgiven my brother for slamming my face into the corner of the wall as a very irritating little tyke, but i will never be able to forget it since there is a scar right there above my eyebrow. love you abe.  

random thought: not sure if there are any feminists who read this blog, but i am contemplating posting my notes from a recent women's event at our church that was decidedly counter-culture. i was so challenged and encouraged by 'Relationships:Investing in the Kingdom' and this time it was about men-women relationships. however, this old blog is not a place for debating controversial things like women being created for men, so i'm hesitating. any thoughts?

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it was self-defense, ellen.