Sunday, April 1, 2012

on bread

if you like to make bread or would like to learn, i highly recommend this book. my neighbor checked it out from the library and let me borrow it for a day and then i quickly ordered my own copy. it is filled with helpful information, tips, methods, recipes, and wonderful photos. the author maintains that the more you understand about the process of bread-making, the better your bread will be. my mom taught me how to make rolls and bread long ago and i have since attempted to "teach" a few others how. Upon reading this book, i realized that there is so much more i could understand and alter, switch up, and create. there is even a chapter about building a brick oven...project for my honey maybe? there are plenty of online sources for this kind of thing too, like this one, but i do love to hold a real book.

check it out if you want to learn from the beginning or want a deeper understanding of the art and joy that is bread-making.

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Kevin and Tara said...

it looks great! and I love the pic. on the front - with the dough in the basket. thanks for passing on your wonderful bread baking skills to me (though I don't think I'm half as good!) I actually just made my first ciabatta loaf last night for veggie burger rolls tonight - it was fun!