Monday, August 16, 2010

so refreshed

for the second time since we have had children, adam and i snuck away by ourselves. leaving our precious children in the capable hands of my brother and sister-in-law, we took ourselves to charleston for 2whole days and nights of resting and reconnecting. it was such perfect timing. before we left, adam would have described himself as oh so tired, pale, flat, disconnected, just plain weary. he just finished a rotation in the icu and night float and it felt like we had only had real conversations just a couple of times in the last six weeks. i just felt frazzled to my core. i've been so emotional, sleepless, fearful, and physically in pain (adam told me during one of our middle of the night conversations that i have a radiculopathy of one of my lumbar nerves that just gets a little worse as the babe in my belly gets a little heavier). a nap was one of the first things on our agenda and my back immediately felt pain-free for the first time in quite a while. every mom knows that pain makes it harder to be a patiently loving and consistent mama as well and so i had been struggling with my guilt over this as well. after a little rest, adam was back to himself cracking fairly dumb jokes and whistling.
we stayed in a lovely b+b (our favorite type of lodging) on the harbor

breakfast of champions meant lunch was not required!

watched the pelicans fly over us and the lightning storm from the porch

we talked so much, did a little swimming (i did not realize how much i sink when i'm pregnant!), wandered, rested, rested, rested, talked, talked, ate some yummy food. i love a restaurant in an old house like this one:

especially when the food is like this:

we talked a lot about adam's future-fellowship or no fellowship and for the moment, he is back on the "no" side of the fence. we talked a lot about the tension in our dear little neighborhood, talked about our sin-patterns and grace.

we read ourselves to sleep at night...ah luxury! we went and saw a movie for the first time in 2 years-Inception-we talked about that a good bit too...interesting concepts. we talked about the little one to come in just 2 short months...a 30.5week belly

we missed marit and graham (and pax!) so much and we were glad to return, but what a blessing to focus a little on our marriage and to be restored and rejuvenated to get back to the grindstone again. thank you so much tom and kelly for serving us so sacrificially! love you guys! today is day one of graham being a big boy and tossing the pacifier...he's napping without much trouble now so that's a good start!


Kevin and Tara said...

looks/sounds like you had a wonderful time! SO glad you got to go! You look great too Ellen!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys were able to getaway just the two of you. Sounds like you had a really nice time.

I like the bracelet you were wearing in your photos! Very pretty.

Oh and we are going to Charleston in Sept so if you would recommend any fun restaurants or things to do let me know.

Rikki said...

So happy for you two! I know that was a much need break from reality! It is so inspiring to take each moment we have with our husbands in this season of life and use it to build one another up:) Thanks Ellen! And I echo all the praises of how beautiful you are!