Friday, January 7, 2011

week after Christmas

my sweet parents made it whole family together for a week (except char had to leave early). below are some shots from our time together.

broad spectrum of weather...snowing on the way there, wading by the end of the week

so thankful for these beautiful, gracious women who have married my brothers. this is the only picture i have of our fun day in charleston...just kelly, bethany, ellen, and miles

lots of snuggle/reading time

lots of dancing

miles was held for an entire week by someone because we had no room for the bouncer...can't say he minded all the snuggles

art lessons with b-ma in the sunny, delicious upstairs sitting room

discussing technique

adorable benjamin

clear winter view

whose idea was it to download angry birds? dumb game.

best post-sitter

kids on posts

graham copying adam's posture

for shell-hunting

wonderful walks together

sleeping bag keeps the stroller extra cozy

painting boxes

not always this happy in the car...check out how packed our car was...that scrabble game found its way down and we now have letters all over the car...

more miles snuggles

after wading in the edisto river, we ate icees. graham's pants were soaked so he shed them

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