Monday, April 18, 2011

spring zoo trip 2011

adam had his first day off in 8 monday and so we spent the beautiful day as a family at the zoo! it was exhausting of course, but we had such a good time. i love to see little faces light up at the wonder of enormous animals and giggle at their antics. this year, both marit and graham were afraid of the monkeys and gorillas. favorites included the koalas, lorikeets, merry-go-round, and the farm animals
i think this is the saluda river...on the way to the botanical gardens that adjoins the zoo

graham loved this

miles and i took pictures of ourselves while we waited on the big kids to ride the train

cutest way to keep that bald head from getting sunburned (thanks for letting us borrow the hat kel!)

planning our next destination and rocking out the kavu visor (we have both enjoyed that hat since you left it at our house a few visits ago, dad)

hydration stop

marit's dream house

just their size

seriously getting our money's worth out of the ergo this time the beautiful botanical gardens

feeding the lorkeets

marit's very favorite part...she told me she rode a "turkey-horse"

lazy kangaroo

intimidated by this huge gorilla

the way home...graham fell asleep immediately, marit closed her eyes for about 5 seconds and then resumed her normal chattering. the ride home was a little unpleasant. any tips for getting toddlers to keep their hands off each other in the car (can't really address behavior when i'm driving...ends up being a lot of screaming)? we are saving for van

we are so thankful for such a sweet family day!


Nicole said...

so much sweetness!!! so glad you got to enjoy a beautiful day TOGETHER!!!

Kevin and Tara said...

beautiful family! and that miles - oh my! adorable. so thankful that you got some family time.

Kelly said...

Just now seeing this. Looks like so much fun. Praying for the right van for you soon. :)