Tuesday, May 17, 2011


may 15, 2004

7 years later

sunday adam and i celebrated 7 years of marriage. it just so happened that this weekend was my sister's bachelorette celebration out of town. anyone remember last year's anniversary when i was in nyc? adam was so kind to plan to celebrate our anniversary before i left and to joyfully send me off with my sister (and miles) for the weekend. i do not deserve this gracious, gentle husband of mine, but i am so thankful for him! God has been faithful to sustain our marriage through lots of changes, lots of school, three kiddos. His grace is truly abundant.

on thursday, adam took me to the most delicious restaurant i have ever been to in augusta. it was perfect for lingering...something about beautifully and carefully prepared food and a quiet unhurried setting makes for relaxed and lighthearted conversation. it was such a sweet date. look at what we ate:
adam's pork and gouda mac-n-cheese (hidden in those amazing onion rings)

first time i have had duck. yum!

molten chocolate cake anyone?

look at what we came home to! carol handled all three kiddos by herself...what a trooper. thanks so much!

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Kevin and Tara said...

praise the Lord for 7 years of grace! Happy Anniversary to you guys!