Saturday, June 22, 2013

three generation adventure

while sister was at catechism camp last week (I know, I know, how Presbyterian. to her, it was basically the best week of her life to date), the boys and I had a sweet week.  one day, however, was for a daddy adventure... with grandpa and his boat. adam tells me graham was in his element...loving being outside pretty much the entire day. he was focused, observant, careful, and compassionate. he loved identifying birds, watching rabbits, holding fish and turtles, and deciding he would rather release than take them home to clean. adam initially asked his dad if they could take his little boat out on the river for graham, but I know it was good for his soul too.  adam loved fishing as a boy and rarely gets that opportunity these days.  I only wish they had gotten a picture of the three of them together. 

painted slider

graham is quick to say he made the first catch

hawk's nest on the trestle

an adventure with graham is not complete without a little wading with the net

thank you grandpa for these precious memories! graham talks about it multiple times a day.

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