Wednesday, August 13, 2014

4 months

it seems like SO much has happened in Owen's short life and also like it FLEW by! the doc says he is a healthy 4 month old and he continues to delight us all. he eats well at 16lb 5oz (68%) and 75% for ht. this week he started fussing when i put him down for naps sometimes. i guess he can't always be perfect:) and also, birthing and nursing him has caused my hair to fall out in huge handfuls all the time. our poor vacuum cleaner can hardly function between the shedding mama and the golden retriever. i'm thinking about cutting my hair so it can catch up...or will that just make it short thin hair instead of long thin hair? anyway, back to owen...such a little sweet heart. and for fun, the others are pictured at the same age. i really don't think he looks like anyone that much. i mean, he has amazing hair while the others were so bald.  we are so thankful for this precious bundle!  We are excited to thank God for his life at his baptism this weekend.

g is o's biggest fan

all kinds of raucous in my bed

grabbing and rolling and causing trouble!  reminds me of a kitten here...

marit at 4 months-round face

graham-brown eyes

miles-pointy nose

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Kelly said...

So thankful for Owen's precious life. Happy baptism day! I can't wait to see your 4 cuties in less than 2 weeks!!!