Thursday, June 24, 2010

footage from the most recent daddy-daughter date

adam is trying to be more consistent about spending one-on-one time with snuggle bug as she is rapidly growing up and has about 5 billion questions a day like "did God make poopies?" or "can i get into your tummy again like when i was a baby?". she loves to spend time with daddy chattering his ear off.

she has been really into the wrinkly nose camera smile lately too.

so graham and i dropped the two of them off at a local sweetery where they shared a slice of strawberry cake (because it was pink and every thing that is pink is awesome to marit lately, even if it is just sweet 'n' low) while we went on a grocery shopping date. i think they had more fun than we did because graham pretty much fell apart in the middle...he's been a bit of a mess lately, but oh so cute (and it's a good thing, if you know what i mean!).


City Grace said...

sweet sweet sweet! :-)

Kelly said...

Daddy dates are so sweet!

Kevin and Tara said...

LOVE her pigtails!