Tuesday, September 14, 2010

been slacking on the pictures lately. our camera is having major trouble, but adam insists that he wants to use his birthday money from extended family for a new camera so hopefully we will have a reliable one before this next little one arrives. here are a few for now. i am so thankful for my little munchkins and they have lots of fun (and exhaustion) lately.

graham and pax are pretty good buds. they are probably watching for the trash truck here

adam introduces a new fun game called "pillow-time" in which he nearly falls asleep while telling stories usually post-call or something. their favorite is the story about the "big cows."

new favorite snack for marit is peanut-butter banana. graham is somewhat unsure of it still...

probably because he has been on a food strike and makes this cranky face about everything but milk and bread and fruit

however, he has been incredibly cute in other ways...his tongue has been loosed and he loves to talk about all kinds of randomness...constantly saying "watch me mommy!" before he jumps, leaps, or throws or something dangerous. he can't say the 'c' sound so he calls his cup a "pup" and often asks me if i'm "poming?" (coming). he often wakes up before marit and so we have a little one-on-one book time in the mornings sometimes and he loves that.

here is marit living up to her nick-name snuggle bug by snuggling with my nearly 35 week belly. she loves the baby and i think she will actually be a bit helpful when he/she arrives. she rarely naps these days, but plays by herself in her bed for a while. instead she sometimes sleeps until 9 or later in the morning like she's a teenager or something. we are still dealing with emotional self-control a lot lately, but she is usually delightful...in a chatty sort of way. inspired by my sister-in-law, we have been doing a little circle time after breakfast and marit has really enjoyed it. it has been good for me to have a more formal learning time for the verses we have been memorizing together and learning letters. we often do a puzzle of letters, sing a song or two and pray for our day. it has been sweet time for sure...makes me want to homeschool (we are totally undecided on the school front still).

at a labor day bbq and we are waiting in line for food. suddenly (as is usually the case) marit has to go potty. i take her, but tell her we have to hurry because the "line is almost to the food." she bursts into tears and screams hysterically until after we sit down to eat. we are so confused for a few minutes and then we interpret that "she does not want to see the lion because it is scary." it took a lot of soothing talk to convince her that there was no lion at our picnic and ever since we have been talking about the difference in lions and lines...such literal little people toddlers are!

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City Grace said...

HaHa! The lion cracks me up! Love those little munchkins!