Monday, September 13, 2010

loving this song today

matt brown played this in our church last night and it made me cry...a musical expression of the faith being passed down from parents to children, generation to generation...a beautiful Gospel legacy.

Above My Door
matt brown
There’s blood, there’s blood above my door.
My daddy, he put it there.
Down veins of wood the crimson pours
and lingers in the air.
What barb’rous redemption thought I,
what bloody protection from night.
But we’ll not feel Death’s bite,
at least not tonight.
There’s blood, there’s blood upon my heart.
My mama, she put it there.
It’s not her blood, but on that heart
are her sweat, her tears, her prayers.
O mother, O mother how I
will treasure your words of life,
and someday when this firstborn dies
that blood will be life.

Take Away One: Above My Door from Third Lobby on Vimeo.

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Kelly said...

Oh Ellen,
That is sooo beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing,