Friday, December 17, 2010

2 months

well i missed miles' month day on the 15th...trying to figure out how to read my Bible, shower, and exercise regularly so the blogging (and lots of other stuff too) must take a back-burner for a while. however, in this moment i want to note the little guy's stats:

ht-23 inches, 75th percentile
wt-10lbs 8oz, 25th percentile (yes, he is a string bean, long and lean)
head circumference in the 75th percentile, lagging behind marit and graham's 95-100th percentile noggins
miles smiles bunches and is our most laid back baby so far. that is God's grace. he sleeps at night from 10ish to somewhere between 4 and 7. he loves to snuggle and he has been such a sweet blessing to us!

here is marit at about the same age. when i see this picture i think round, bald, fair.

graham at 2 months and i think HUGE brown eyes...those chocolate eyes that still melt me.

i guess miles really has his own look.

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