Sunday, December 12, 2010

6 years in christmas pictures

we almost didn't send out Christmas cards/pictures this year in the name of simplicity, but we finally decided that since we so enjoy receiving them that we would send them out and let it double as a birth announcement. we haven't finished delivering/mailing them yet (had to order more), but i was looking back at all our old ones and it makes me smile to think of God's faithfulness to our family...we have changed so much each year. we are thankful for His grace.
we were married in 2004, but i don't think we sent one that year...can't remember..

2005 at Looking Glass Rock

2006 adam had just shaved his mountain man beard and i had cut 10 inches of hair. we were less hippie for a change.

2007 at a neighborhood fall festival as first-time parents...oh my how much we have learned because of marit!

2008 this doubled as a birth announcement for graham. we were oh so tired and this was also the year i foolishly decided to hand make the card part...never again!

2009 we were in hiawassee on a much needed vacation in the middle of adam's intern year

this year we are a bit of a happy mess...graham barefoot and squealing in delight, marit in her hand-me-down galoshes on a sunny day, i'm wearing my super great boots my parents and sibs gave for my birthday. thanks guys! we are in our front yard in our dear neighborhood...before the cold killed all the flowers.

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Kelly said...

We got ours in the mail today. Love it! You look like a lovely mountain woman in the city :)