Saturday, August 20, 2011

i hate goodbyes

we were able to spend a little time this weekend with some dear friends on the way from language school to the mission field. brooke and i have been pregnant at the same time for all three of our pregnancies. she has been such an encouragement to me over the years...a truly precious friendship. it was sweet for the kids to play together a bit and to remember the faces of the ones we pray for so frequently. we miss them terribly, but are thankful for skype, blogs, facebook, vonage that help to keep us all connected. and we know the Lord will use these dear people to further His kingdom in the mountains of peru as they work with peruvian healthcare professionals and students. i'm thinking (if not sooner), our 10th anniversary should be a visit to peru?

miles and caleb are the farthest apart (3 months) of our pairs

beautiful eliza looks like her mommy

anna grace and eliza cooking some costa rican fare for marit and graham

sweet friends

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