Friday, April 12, 2013

bma and papa visit

my sweet parents came over the weekend and loved on us and the kiddos. we took a swamp adventure while they were here and they even sent adam and i away for an evening. we traveled to the town where we fell in love and went to a concert of one of our favorite bands. truly a treat!

miles insisted on graham sitting in his lap

bma loves with crafts...making paper dolls

peach blossoms from my daddy's orchard

papa loves by home projects...replacing the faucet with his trusty helper.  we also just finally painted this bathroom to a less startling color!

she said "oh, how beautiful!  i see such wonderful things!"

blurry self-portrait
over the rhine...i love the song below..."gonna learn to laugh through my tears...gonna learn to love without fear"

thank you mom and dad!

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Kevin and Tara said...

Love all of these Ellen - I enjoyed your Spring post too and your ponderings about your loss and how God is using it in your life - so much beauty there and amidst your precious family. Love you guys!