Thursday, April 11, 2013

it's spring

it's been an emotional couple of weeks around here with our miscarriage and subsequent d&c and i feel like, though there will always be sadness and twinges of "what if?" when i think about our fourth babe, i'm finally a little more stable and can talk about it without crying.  i can look at pregnant bellies and newborns without tearing up.  it's a good thing because i have about 20 pregnant friends and a bunch of showers this month.  i want to fully celebrate with friends and family as our sadness does not diminish the joy of new life all around.  our prayer is that God would keep our hearts tender and use a little loss and grief in our lives to make us more compassionate to others experiencing the heartache of this broken world. we know so many who have struggled with infertility, miscarriage , and even loss of children, but these are new feelings for us and we are still processing.  i am struck with thankfulness for my three precious little people and the miracle that anyone is born healthy and without complications.  it's all grace really that things go right sometimes.  another miracle i've been thinking through is the maternal love and bond for a baby i never held or saw and who lived a short 2.5 months.  God's design is truly miraculous in the gift of motherhood.  we have experienced God's love for us through His people who have cared for us so generously.

meanwhile, life keeps on moving.
spring has sprung and we did a little planting, the kids started soccer, and we spent some time with adam's family around Easter.


these two are a talkative pair.  marit had her first sleepover with lorelai last week and she has left lots of room for improvement!

cousin micah is a snuggler
one of my very favorite things to do in the spring

usually about 5% of our seeds survive the trauma of being planted by these sweet ones

we are thinking they might grow into their uniforms in a few years
post-game...totally exhausted

it's a combination of ridiculousness, hilariousness, and cuteness

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