Wednesday, May 1, 2013

momentary grace

oh this sweet moment...totally independent siblings making a cozy spot to read together melts me.  what you can't see is another family member having an emotional breakdown about something having to do with seating arrangements in the car on our last outing.  and this is motherhood and childhood and life: indescibable sweetness and joy coupled with challenges and disappointments (no matter how small).  sweet Jesus, give me eyes to see the momentary graces!  i love how my sweet friend describes it here.


Wanting What I Have said...

:) I had to smile huge reading this! And seeing that sweetness. All while I have one eagerly writing beside me, another calling to me from the potty, and a third having an emotional meltdown. :)

Lauren said...

Love this. We had a very emotional day on all accounts today. It can be a real fight to cling to that grace sometimes! Love you. Thank you for encouraging me to look for it, especially on these tough days.