Wednesday, September 25, 2013

before i forget

the day of my 12 week appointment, marit said "oh i wish you were going to the doctor for a baby!" and then later in the day she said "i know it's not appropriate to say, but it looks like you are having a baby!"  sweetness.  i'm definitely showing a bit:) 

we all sat on the couch that evening and told then we had something to tell them.  marit started giggling uncontrollably and said "i know what it is!  it's a baby!"  when we confirmed that she was right, there was laughing and three little noggins all trying to kiss my tummy at once.  graham said "i love this baby already."  marit said "oh i hope it doesn't die."  we talked through a little about trusting God with this life, even in the unknowns.  i know these conversations will continue.  they are very excited and have name opinions and lots of questions. 

later that evening, we got burgers with friends (what is it about pregnancy that makes you want beef?) and walked in our favorite park.  

favorite men

couldn't get miles to join the fun

love this husband so much!

my parents came through town on their way to send mom to India to meet Caroline.  of course my dad happily completed a project for us...the bottom bunkbed drawers.  this man is patient with all this "help"!

the boys love them.  the rug and bedspreads are from urban i think, but i got them super cheap at a local sale.  but, how do you make the top bunk with that railing?  graham tries hard, but it always looks funny...
just for fun...a soccer pic.  g has gotten the hang of it and is really enjoying being the biggest kid in the league (he is playing with 3 and 4 yr olds and will be 5 next month).  ha!


Lauren said...

Have so loved all your posts lately, and I surely do miss you! So grateful for this new life given to y'all, love you my friend!!

Kevin and Tara said...

So sweet that the kids are so excited. The girls beg Kevin and I just about every day for a baby. I love how they just except what we perceive as so challenging - so freely and simply. And love the bunk fun!