Wednesday, October 20, 2010

more on miles

sorry kelly about how long it has taken me to upload more pictures! i keep sitting down to do it and then someone needs to nurse or a toddler needs some attention or something. i have a feeling that most non-essential things (such as frequent blogging, showering etc) will just be taking a back-burner for a while as the war against selfishness in us is just ratcheted up a bit.

about the name:
miles means "soldier" which adam likes because it sounds manly, but we also pray that little miles will further God's kingdom with his life and will fight for those things that are near to God's heart...that he will be a man of character who stands up for those who cannot do so themselves. there are also people like miles standish, miles davis, miles from LOST, and our friend's dog miles, but our miles is not named after any of those. we mostly just liked the name.

richardson similarly means "brave power" and this part is after my dad and dear deceased grandfather. my brilliant and kind father is the 3rd william richardson and i am so thankful to be able name a son for him. my grandfather, though never able to meet his great grands was a wonderful combination of strength and tenderness. i have so many sweet memories of him...from rescuing my aunt's car from the bank of a mountain road with a complex system of levers and such in the middle of the night to weeping at a beautiful piece of music.

though i have had an emotional breakdown pretty much every day so far...just feeling overwhelmed (and hormonal and tired still) about the responsibility of shepherding and caring for these precious little people who need so much guidance and attention, we recognize we have so much to be thankful for as well. my mom is here this week and adam is off for 3 weeks(!!!!!!!!!!!). even the timing of his birth is a sweet grace as adam's vacation began monday so we didn't lose a day of his "paternity leave."

love from marit

miles has his first technological experience as he skypes with my 89 yr old grandmother. you can see he was really engaged...

i think my sister looks so beautiful in this one

marit came with adam to get us from the hospital. we are totally maxing out the subaru with 3 carseats across the back, some sort of enormous stroller in the back and a bike rack. it's kind of ridiculous.

graham is totally infatuated with "baby miles" and is probably the greatest danger to him. it is so sweet how much he loves him, but so scary too.

snuggling in the hospital. we started the pacifier early this time since he has been nursing so well. all our kids have really been helped in the sleep department with the pacifier and the older two easily dropped it close to 2. miles has done well at night so far, though his only 5 day old status leaves lots of room for that to change yet.

with my sweet mom

i think he looks like both marit and graham...fair (tiny bit of blond fuzz and no eyebrows) like marit, but shaped a bit like graham. right now his eyes are dark bluish-grey so who knows what they will ultimately be.

classic hoover cheeks:-)


Kels said...

That picture of you with Miles and Marit is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing your pictures and your lovely family with us!

Kelly said...

Love the one where you are snuggling with him at the hospital and he is wearing Marit's strawberry hat! What a sweet blessing. I totally understand if you don't blog for a while :) I pray for this to be a season of rest - while help is around. Within a few months everyone will be more used to each other, and life will seem more predictable. In the mean time, let me know if I can do anything to help.

City Grace said...

oh that sweet boy!!! i just want to snuggle him!! i love the pic with graham "holding" precious.