Tuesday, October 12, 2010

while waiting

i'm still pregnant and thankful to be almost 39 weeks! i don't feel impatient or anxious (though i definitely have a wave of healthy fear and trembling when i think about meeting the needs of and preventing the injury of THREE people 3 and under). i love this stage during which delivery is so close, but there is so much unknown...i think it might be the only kind of surprise i really enjoy. God has designed this process so beautifully. i suppose if i make it to our due date, we will have to think about induction...that would be new territory for us, so i'm trying not to think about it yet. physically i feel pretty good as the baby has dropped so i can breath again and my back/hip has been a little better behaved. we have been enjoying the other two so much lately too and we are thankful to be on the other side of a bout of strep throat coupled with croup (that required a 4am ER trip-marit's 4th or 5th trip!) for marit. she was just getting us warmed up for waking up repeatedly with a newborn... now we are pretty much in hibernation mode from the church nursery (so thankful we live 3 blocks from church and there are 2 services so we can both still go), library story-time etc hoping not to repeat the meningitis experience we had with 2 week old graham. i love fall, but not all the sickness that comes with it! we still hang out with our well friends though! recent pictures of the munchkins are following while we wait. it has been a really sweet couple weeks with adam on elective for the next 3 months and the project to a reasonable stopping place, we have really enjoyed each other lately...before the sleepless nights begin! we are thankful for so much grace.
freshly awake (g has been an earrrrly riser lately)

adam pulled him around in this...thrilling!

got to love chocolate chip cookies!

likes to sleep with a collection of creatures lately and you can see all my maternity clothes getting organized...and put away soon!

adam practicing with the new camera (thanks family!) and me being slightly annoyed

mmmm spagetti!


City Grace said...

Sweet Sweet Family! Can't wait to meet another precious Hoover baby! And I love the shirtless spaghetti eating...what a fabulous idea!

Kels said...

I love all the pictures of your adorable kiddos. I actually specifically just checked my google reader to see if there was any news from you about the newest arrival. Glad to hear that everything's going so well and that you are getting to spend some quality time with Marit and Graham before the new baby arrives! Oh, and Eliana is also in a stage where she sleeps with about as many stuffed animals as possible-so cute!