Wednesday, October 20, 2010

happy 2nd birthday little fellow!

i know i said in my post yesterday that regular blogging would probably not be happening for a while, but i didn't want to overlook sweet graham's birthday in all the craziness. we will celebrate tonight with family and froggy cupcakes and from now on, graham and miles will probably have joint celebrations.

love this sweet song nicole found...makes me all teary about my little boy getting so big. seriously, when did i become one of those moms that cries about everything?

though he is hardly "little" anymore...he is actually the heaviest of our children. we are so thankful for his life. he is so much exhausting fun with a developing sense of volume and enthusiasm control. he talks non-stop and follows marit everywhere. his huge brown eyes melt me fairly often and he gives the best hugs and kisses. sweet boy, we love you and thank the Lord for you! happy birthday!

these are in reverse chronological order
such a concerned big brother

and a patient little brother

always eating...


following marit

big shoes to fill

LOVES his daddy

1st birthday

early attempt at a sibling shot

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Kelly said...

Ellen, sorry I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Grammy! Sweet, sweet day to you.