Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the first three weeks

miles will be three weeks old tomorrow and adam goes back to work so i wanted to put some pictures on the old abandoned blog so i don't forget these days. in short, this adjustment has been exhausting and has made us all feel a little crazy. however, we are totally in love with baby miles and we are thankful for so much grace...seen even in the life of this precious, fresh new one. he is a blessing to our family for sure.
so in the past few weeks we celebrated graham's 2nd birthday with family and yummy cupcakes. thanks for the directions tara...the picture does not do them justice!

adam insisted graham get a few manly toys for his birthday so he can stop wearing marit's princess/ballerina dress-up clothes. so, here is our little soccer knight

adam has been teaching him to rescue his princess ballerina sister from "dragons"

reading lots of stories together lately

my handsomes

miles' first bath is a family event (and the kitchen is a bit of a mess)

imitation is so sweet

we've been swaddling and burping baby dolls a LOT lately

the real baby is even better

graham gives miles kisses all day long

enjoyed lots of adventures with daddy

our first whole family outing...to the greenway!

their daddy-daughter relationship has been really special lately...marit asked adam to make her all those hearts she is holding and they have sweet little messages on them. they are her prized possessions right now


fall is here finally and it has been beautiful lately


The Berls said...

So sweet...3 weeks of 3 kids under 3...you are my hero:) Love y'all and miss y'all!

Kevin and Tara said...

the cupcakes turned out adorable...what a precious family, keep up the good work!

Brooke said...

oh, ellen! love the pictures! i miss you guys so much. Marit looks so old... Miles is adorable and Graham is guapo! The cupcakes were really cute... wish we could have celebrated with Graham in the AUG. Let's talk again soon- It helps me feel normal. (as if any of us were normal?!?!?)

Kelly said...

Don't know how I missed this one. They are all so cute. It's funny, but Aida has the same leggings as Marit in one photo and the same leotard in another, and I think Bro might have the same shirt as Graham :) We think baby Miles looks like his brother... Glad to see photos!