Wednesday, November 10, 2010

footed sleeper love

hardly anything cuter, in my opinion, than little people in their pjs...

we've been trying to keep the munchkins a little warmer at night because they sometimes wake up cold. they are such active sleepers that they usually don't stay under the covers.

what color do you think his eyes will be?

here miles is contemplating the fact that he is about to sleep for 7 hours in a row! you may never have met a more thankful mama for that simple gift of grace that one night of sleep is! it is certainly not a pattern yet, but i am thankful nonetheless.


City Grace said...

cuties!!!! and yayyyyy miles for giving your mama 7 hrs!!! that is awesome!

Kelly said...

They look Blue to me, but it's always hard to tell over the screen. Love their pajamas!! And Miles has the cutest nose, I just noticed how it's a pronounced facial feature - very handsome.