Tuesday, November 23, 2010

a little thanks

i love to write thank you notes. it's a good thing too as i have quite a list i'm working through...acknowledging the dear people who have made sacrifices for our family. we have been overwhelmed with meals and kindnesses from neighbors and our church body since miles was born...an incredible blessing. i've been cooking a little again lately and i'm so thankful for that too.
look who started smiling yesterday!

working hard to make him smile...

i turned 28 last week as well and felt so cared for by my sweet family and friends...undeserved thoughtfulness... from a latte on the doorstep to a spontaneous visit with encouraging conversation and bathroom cleaning. thank you kelly!

lap full of blessing

we dropped (and broke) our new camera, but we brought out our old flashless one so we can capture a few of the abundant graces we experience every day.
miles took his first run yesterday, we are so thankful to borrow that triple jogger...i think it will help my sanity. marit has been asking to go running since i had to quit at 20ish weeks pregnant. the weather has been incredible and our little circus had so much fun in it yesterday!

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Kelly said...

I am so amazed that you can run pushing a triple jogging stroller. I am in awe!!