Monday, February 21, 2011


oh i'm so thankful for the unusually warm february weather that allows us to leave the back door open, play outside all day, be barefooted, wear skirts without tights and leggings, baby can be in just a onesie, prepare our little garden for spring. it is especially a blessing to us as we continue week 2 of potty training. graham is doing pretty well, but he has not yet earned his way out of training pants and into regular clothes and regular life where we go many places. he does a lot of playing outside in his underwear...and at least for our family, the "boys are harder than girls" theory holds true for this particular adventure. we are also abundantly thankful for a day off for adam in the midst of a crazy month.

barely big enough for the swing and he is wearing adam's childhood hat

she was having a 'big hair' day

same eyes

not sure what the tragedy was this time, but graham has been fully embracing his twoness lately with lots of emotion about pretty much everything.

holding hands :)

sweet visit with a friend and marit just adored baby jennifer. good to see you becca!

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The Berls said...

Marit...could she be any more gorgeous inside and out? can do it! your hat and Isaac wishes he had a place at his house to put a swing like that. This may call for another play date soon:)