Thursday, March 3, 2011

so i don't forget

just popping into the blog for a minute today to post some recent pictures so i don't forget all the antics of my dear little people. adam has been on a more "normal" schedule with less call (except the weekends still kind of stink) this month and the weather has been gorgeous so more time with adam and outside=less time for blogging and the internet in general. we are thankful.

i've been thinking and reading some about the whole rob bell thing. i am no theologian and my blog is not a place for intense controversial discussions, but i would say that the whole thing makes me sad and i look forward to hearing what people have to say after the book comes out.

a peak into rest-time today. marit never naps anymore (unless she is sick or something) and she struggles to rest for an hour or so. she has a hard time stopping our all-day-long conversation to rest quietly...lots of room for improvement here.

room for two

i can't believe he is big enough for this already!

graham still loves his afternoon nap. i was about to wake him up so i snapped a picture of his still, sweet adorableness. we are slowly working through some night-time/reeeeeaaaly early morning sleep issues for this two year old.

teddy bear or dog? don't be fooled by his snuggliness. pax did recently fend off two stray pit-bulls (no offense if you have one...i'm just wary of the stray ones) that came running after me on a recent run.

par for the course in group shots of these three

sweet boys!

lots of time in underwear and galoshes during these potty-training days. graham pretty much has the hang of it now and we are so thankful to be a one-in-diapers family again.

grandma and miles

melt me sweetness. he is such a pleasant little guy!


Kelly said...

I miss your family. Thanks for the photos. OK, totally random, but I think our shower curtain matches the blanket on your couch (with many stripes). Funny.

hollie marie said...

The picture of Marit + Pax is absolutely adorable!