Wednesday, March 30, 2011

photos from the weekend

before we got struck down by sickness, we had a really fun weekend with family. my parents and my brother, wife, and kiddos all stayed saturday night with us. adam's parents joined us for lunch on Sunday after church.
adam and my dad losing their dignity

miles loves having extra laps in which to cuddle

art lessons with b-ma while the boys nap (always a treat for mar!)

story-time with grandma (from earlier in the week when we went on a DATE!)

miles sporting his rei performance-wear (handed down from graham of course) know it kind of wicks the spit-up

char was just there for a bit

slightly bigger than mr potato head to whom those spectacles belong

sometimes my just a little introverted child practices "self-imposed time-out"


we played at the site of my sister's wedding come fun
adam brought a net and helped the kids catch tadpoles in the have never heard/seen so many bullfrogs and tadpoles!

these girls aren't squeamish at all!

my brother and his adorable-soon-to-be middle child

got to love cousins

can't handle the cuteness

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lukenmegan said...

In that picture of Marit in "time-out" she looks just like Charlotte!