Tuesday, March 15, 2011

5 months

i can hardly believe another month has flown by! miles is changing fast. he is such a sweet, laid back little fellow. he is getting chunkier by the day and still has no hair to speak of, but i love his peach fuzz. this week he learned to roll from back to tummy so now he can go both ways. we are thankful for what a great little sleeper he is at night. naps are getting better. i still haven't put him in the nursery at church yet, mostly because he loves the ergo so much that i don't mind him being with me. and i never even tried a bottle with him...there isn't time for pumping and all that jazz. miles is a gift of grace to us and we are so thankful! nearly every time i hold and snuggle him i wonder at the privilege it is to be this sweet baby's mama.
marit and graham like to be as close to him as possible for much of the day