Wednesday, July 6, 2011

8-9 months

miles will by 9 months on the 15th and i missed his 8 month post so here is a mish-mash of updates on this bruiser. we won't have new stats until he is nearly 10months, but i am guessing he is around 20 lbs. he is heavy and strong. i'm sure he and graham will be wrestling each other in no time. his new nickname is "butternut" and he is simply a delight. he has his first tooth and i hardly knew he was teething, though looking back, i guess he has been a bit on edge. he is my earliest teether thus far. he eats all manner of smashed up stuff and lots of rice puffs and still nurses 5ish times a day...piglet, but i love it!

he can't seem to get his knees up underneath him, but he is fairly mobile with the army-crawl and he can get to lots of things. soon he will be learning the word "no" from mommy...

he gets super grungy being all over the floor and i love to give him sink baths. the other day he was fascinated by running water. oh to hold on to wonder!

these two bffs are my kitchen help. sometimes i put miles in his walker, but he just follows me around and rams the thing into my legs.

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Kevin and Tara said...

so precious....his cheeks are so cute and chubby like Malachi's...enjoy him :)