Sunday, July 24, 2011

birthday footage

goals for celebrating marit's birthday this year: love on her and celebrate her precious life, while keeping it simple in the wake of a busy wedding week.

results: individual special time with daddy for birthday breakfast and mommy after dinner.
we went to our favorite book store and picked a few titles to add to our library and then stopped to share a big cookie and an izzie at sundrees

the next day we shared a picnic dinner at a local park with water and painting (two of her favorites) with two close families and adam's parents. i let her decorate her own cupcakes.

miles got lots of love too

paint is messy, but it's worth it sometimes

all in all she had a blast. she keeps saying things like "i'm four you know, so i can buckle my seat all by myself" and actually she can. little miss independence is growing up and i'm finding i need to slow down and get out of the way and let her do that at times.

brotherly frosting-face kisses


just for fun is a muscle day these guys will come in handy:)

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Kelly said...

She looks very loved :) 4 is such a big girl age...