Friday, September 16, 2011


he's an old man, my husband is. i am so thankful for him and the husband and father he is to us and the doctor he is to so many others. adam is an instrument of grace to me in countless ways. love you babe! we squeezed some celebrating in during this night float week with breakfast and coffee together yesterday morning before his eyelids started shutting on me (thanks laurie for babysitting), early dinner with his parents and brother's fam yesterday evening, and his choice of pizza and wacky cake for dinner tonight. then we sent him off for his last night shift for now...whew! i forgot the camera last night, but it was so good to see jon and motsy and their three precious kids and jon turned 30 yesterday. thanks for dinner dave and carol!

dinner tonight

replacements for his 2yr old running shoes (thanks for the contributions family!) and the bonhoffer biography.

i also gave him this documentary since indelible grace is his favorite band. it was so encouraging. i'll post the trailer at the end of this post.
miles gave the best gift...turned 11 months old yesterday and today started saying "dada"... soooo sweet. here he is playing tackle with marit

Indelible Grace Documentary Trailer: Roots And Wings from Kevin Twit on Vimeo.

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