Thursday, September 8, 2011

just a few things to remember...

in an ice-breaker game at Bible study this week, i had to answer the question: what is your proudest accomplishment? i had to rephrase the question because that p word makes me is dangerous right? of course i immediately thought about my family and my children...they are significant because they have souls...or i guess i could have said...i can run x number of miles in x number of minutes or i can wear *some* of my pre-pregnancy clothes or i have survived a stroke or something else sort of lame. i rephrased the question and answered that i am thankful for my children, though they are not my "accomplishment" and God uses them to humble me on a regular basis as well.

today, though,i was talking with marit about pride. she is big into asking what things mean lately. i was trying to explain to her the difference between sinful selfish pride and what someone means when they say "i'm proud of you." we settled on defining the not-sinful pride as something like rejoicing when someone is doing well. i told marit when she gave graham one of his favorite animals to comfort him that i was thankful for her kindness and that God must be working in her heart. she replied: "i feel God working in my heart! it hurts a little bit." little people are so literal. i love it. the i'm praising God for people in my life doing well vein, i wanted to remember a few moments:
marit read her first words today...they were just in a bob book and it was just mat, sat, sam...BUT she did it and she was so excited! during rest-time, i found her reviewing her letters. i love to see a little spark to's beautiful.

and she learned this week to pump herself on the swing...hooray

butternut finally learned to crawl like a real's cute. even pax finds it amusing

i got a love note today (crayons were left out i guess) because adam ate toast on my bread. never mind the fact that it was only because we were out of milk so he could not have his cereal ritual. he was thankful and encouraging anyway. i mean, he took the time to write me even though he leaves for work at 6 am. thanks babe.

and, well, graham keeps us all laughing...he has been extra cuddly lately too and i am thankful for that because he is SO big, he soon won't fit in my lap. here he is with the hair of one of our now bald babies...

oh my, i am so thankful for the four people that live with me in this house...these dear ones...praying for God's grace to love them all well and faithfully.

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