Saturday, September 3, 2011

sweet saturday

blocks are fun for everyone. the challenge these days is to be patient with littlest brother who wants to knock down everything the big kids build...

i mean he is intimidating, right? he has much to learn in the area of kind and gracious sibling play.

three cheers for adam getting off early today! (and bonus, he gets tomorrow off) he is in the icu, putting in 13hr shifts most days. of course, my days are basically the same, but i struggle to know what to do with our time from nap to bed when daddy usually brings a welcome diversion, or at least a new voice for the kids to hear. anyway, we enjoyed our evening tonight and took a trip to see adam's parents for grandpa's birthday. a trip to feed the ducks is always a pleasure for all. especially since we get to ride in this

greediest ducks and geese you have ever seen

happy birthday grandpa!

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The Berls said...

oh my goodness...i love miles scrunchy nose/forehead intimidation face!!!