Tuesday, October 18, 2011

happy birthday butternut

miles turned 1 on saturday! we will have cupcakes in a few days when we celebrate graham too (they may have combined birthday celebrations forever). this little guy is such a blessing to us and he is getting to be VERY busy!

miles aka butternut squash* has: a big sense of humor, an enormous appetite for table food, a very persistent and determined nature to do things like climb entire flights of stairs, speed crawl to the bathroom when no one is looking so he can splash in the toilet (yyyyuuuuck!!!...new rules in place to keep bathroom door closed at all times), 6 teeth, a serious cuddle need, the adoration of his siblings who keep him entertained, the ability to speed crawl, pull up and cruise, and just a few words

miles does not have: any desire to wean despite his large intake of table food and such, hair, a lack of affection

*for some reason i started calling him "fuddy buddy" which evolved to "fudder budder" which evolved into "butternut" and we call him that about half the time. we have a lot of nicknames in our house, thought marit recently told me she just wanted to keep it at "snuggle bug" for her...one is enough i suppose...

here is the birthday boy exploring the world of eating grass

his favorite toys are this broom and this chair

we are so thankful for this precious son and we praise God for the gift that he is


Kevin and Tara said...

oh my...I can hardly believe it's been a whole year! What a precious little guy...happy birthday miles!

Kelly said...

we are so thankful for him, too!