Thursday, March 8, 2012

around here lately

been feeling busy lately (what's new?) with little time to sit at the computer long enough to post pictures and things, but i have been taking them some. i figure since adam is home early today i might try to throw some up here so i can remember these rapidly growing little people. how does it fly by so quickly and so slowly at the same time? there are so many moments (such as when the 3yr old is wailing or the the 1 yr old is climbing up onto the craft table and simultaneously eating and flinging crayons while teetering on the edge of said table and the 4 yr old is trying to "help" with dinner and pushing a stool up to the hot stove) that i pray for help to be thankful and not angry, to embrace messes and craziness instead of being selfish and not allowing their willing hands to help me with everything. i do not want to wish these sweet days away. but i do. i do sometimes. Jesus give me grace to be thankful for this full cup! and i want to have more kids someday and i think i am insane for having that thought...but the dreft commercial with the babies makes me tear up. it was the adoption banquet at church last night and i long to be more a part of orphan care, but pray for God's timing and direction as to exactly what that will look like for our family. so much on my mind about being purposeful in this sometimes mundane season. and i am so thankful for tasks to set my hands to...for people to love.

we finally decided for sure to homeschool next year. we are excited about a co-op in town and curriculum. we are open-handed about it and while i will probably not write a "why we are homeschooling" post on here, i would welcome conversation about it. one of my heroes writes a beautiful post about it over here. and on top of that, we/i just really want to and for now, we are taking that desire (along with lots of other things) as leading and gifting from the Lord for our family. and the community and structure a co-op provides makes me feel a little less alone and fearful about it. rather, we are excited!

and now for some pictures...

brotherly wrestle affection

i surprised them hiding under the blanket

miles wants to be a part of everything aware of his third-wheeledness with marit and graham. graham is usually really excited to include miles...he let him scribble on his picture

i love how similar their eyes are...miles has obviously been snotty lately

miles and adorable emma are super cute together

watching some emergency jelly telly while we tried to get ready for church the other night. miles climbed right up there to snuggle with them. i like this picture because of how sizeable miles' gut is. this kid is all belly. love. it. and also, i inadvertently caught graham picking his nose...

saturday morning breakfast at the kid table

dancing and learning verses to the rizers

did the local half-marathon with some sweet friends last so fun! i'm really sad it's over actually and feel antsy about what to train for next. it was my 3rd half and i was glad that this time was faster (and hillier) than my pre-baby one. feeling pretty good about the race until i heard of my incredible running buddy from college just ran the Kilimanjaro half marathon in africa much much faster. but then "comparison is the thief of joy" right? i'm just thankful for running and the mental/emotional/physical health it provides these days...(btw, borrowed these photos from jen and tara's mom since i forgot my camera...)

and then there is this lizard that graham and adam caught and then pax maimed and then marit caught. the poor thing.

and spring is coming so we planted some seeds...the kids need no excuse to play in dirt and i need no excuse to plant flowers, but we found one for both!


bulbs have been appearing in the back yard and marit loves to pick the broken ones and arrange them in a vase

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